I’ve been admiring some of the Great Works of Knit on display at ShimaHQ today. These are 100% knitted! I’d love to take the Mona Lisa home! #knitwear #knitting #shimaseiki #digitalknitting (at Shima HQ)

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Preview of coming attractions!  Been working on this for a while, so please forgive the lack of posts.  But it’s leading to another video, so stay tuned!

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What do you think about the validity of the “Boyfriend Sweater Curse?”


Completely, utterly valid. I don’t believe any relationship can last long enough for you to earn my trust to a level where I’ll contemplate making you a sweater, and through the time it takes to knit the thing. I refuse to make one until we’re bound in matrimony.

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Oh my glob. #lsp #lumpyspaceprincess #adventuretime #crochet #hat #fanmade

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Avengers tapestry crochet I did last month. I ran out of skin tone yarn though before I could make the last two.

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Dear wouldyouliketoseemymask

Sometimes, when I’m having some problems, I sit in my big comfy armchair and knit some things. And if that doesn’t work, I always have my hammer close. ;) 

Hugs and Smooches, Knitted Harley 

Repost from my personal blog, where someone I followed was having a rough time. Harley taking a stress break. 

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How to Knit the Structured Selvedge Edge

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Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie property of MLP:FiM/Hasbro, pattern by me

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