How to Crochet the Back Loop Single Crochet Ripple Stitch


For anyone who is interested in my WIPs- here’s an almost naked xlr8

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It’s my birthday, I’m 35 and still alive! To honor the occasion I made a smattering of knit and cross stitch Charts of all kinds of randomness (some above). All free PDF Downloads of course because I love all you crazy bastards out there!

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Progress of yesterday. #Dr.Who #knitting

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Do you ever think about the textile histories of fictional lands/universes?




I honestly thought I was the only one who ever did this. Thank you so much random person!

i’ve seen this going across my dash but i keep forgetting that i have an answer.

yes! usually just to the extent of “what’s the climate like, what fibers are available, what dyes are available, are they trying to keep warm or keep the sun off or what?”

but in the kastor books i’ve actually worked up a big file about kyri textile traditions, with sketches and everything. mainly because kastor knits, and it’s one of his few connections with his culture while he’s exiled.

My DM gets so annoyed when I point out that the desert nomads are trading hand-woven textiles and I’m like, where did they get the materials? What are the clothes made of? And the DM’s like it doesn’t matter will you please touch the glowing magical memory sphere already

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Serket row sewn on! Only 4 more rows!

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On a whim I signed up for the Sherlock craft exchange, and the person I was assigned to said Moriarty was their favourite character. 

So, here is the start (day 1) of my Moriarty inspired hat…. I am gonna add a little crown later. Simple, but I like it. 

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 How to knit the large woven cable stitch


Hawkeye is now available in my Etsy Store, MeshuggaKnits!

(And I decided to lower the prices just a bit. Still learning here…)

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Anonymous said: Can I change the needle size for the sleeves of a sweater to one size smaller than the body? The sleeves are too wide


you bet! changing needle size is a handy way to make small adjustments in fit. do a gauge swatch with the new needle size to make sure it’s doing what you want, and then go for it.

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