I’m making my younger sister a Slytherin themed scarf for Christmas, so I thought I would share a work in progress of it.

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Slytherin Cowl progress!

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Another quote scarf, this time from ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’!  Colors inspired by Clementine’s hair and sweatshirts.

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Day 15: Sweater vest achievement unlocked.

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An adorable Eeyore plushie from Winnie the Pooh. It’s a little older plush in comparison to my newer stuff, but still turned out fairly decent.

I do commisions! For something like this it would be between 20-40 depending on the size and complexity

Send me an e-mail at

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I could not share all of these before because Phil was a surprise, but I am very proud of them so I am crowing now. Thinking I might do an Aja Clint… Or Bowie. Meh. Who knows.

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The body of Lisa Simpson is finished! Finally! It’s been like 6 freakin months. As you can tell, I have mini dresses shorter than this thing, but whatever. Two sleeves to go, that’s all I’m focusing on.

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I….I just….um…is it weird that i kinda want to order one?


I….I just….um…is it weird that i kinda want to order one?

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